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Arts Education Resources

Children's Museum of the Arts' free digital art resources provide educators with simple, affordable and accessible arts education lessons that can be recreated in communities anywhere in the world. These child-centered resources are specifically aimed at those who have minimal touchpoints to arts education, offering a blueprint for schools to revitalize or launch an arts education program – 100% free.


These resources are co-authored by CMA Artists in Residence alongside CMA's Digital Program Liaison. 

Mosaic Art by Maria D. Rapicavoli

Explore color, composition, and rhythm through mosaic design.

View and Download

Monochromatic Self Portraits by Maria D. Rapicavoli

Express deep emotion through single-color self-portraits.

View and Download

Fruit Pointillism Paintings by Noormah Jamal
Learn how colors and layers create depth and detail through pointillism.

View and Download

Exploring Line and Shading by Noormah Jamal

Explore mark-making and tonal variation with graphite pencils.

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Maria D. Rapicavoli

CMA Artist in Residence 2023-24

Hudson Guild

Chelsea, Manhattan

NioushaKiarashi-Adult 2.jpg

Niousha Kiarashi

CMA Artist in Residence 2023-24

Sid Miller Academy

Crown Heights, Brooklyn


Noormah Jamal

CMA Artist in Residence 2023-24

Children's Workshop School

East Village, Manhattan


David Lee

Digital Programs Liasion 


Kerry Santullo

Assistant Director of Communications

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