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"Art is a way of speaking your mind when words can’t be found."



"Art is a way of speaking your mind when words can’t be found."

Artist Isis Avila on finding her path to becoming an artist through her career as an attorney.

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Great artists make artists. And to prove that point, over 70 of today's greatest have contributed their work in support of Children's Museum of the Arts' Emergency Arts Education Fund, establishing utterly ambitious art programs in New York City schools that need them most.

Bidding for the online auction concludes Thursday, October 19 at 12 PM EDT. Bid now. Bid often. Bid here.

Below, meet auction artist Isis Avila.

Do you have a favorite memory of making art as a child?

I remember scribbling all over my school notebooks, and of course the walls and even the furniture at my childhood home in Mexico. I always got into some trouble with my mom at home! 

What advice would you give to young artists who wish to pursue an art practice?

Art is a way of speaking your mind when words can’t be found. Dare to speak freely through your art and trust that a powerful message lies within it. 

How does working with children inspire you?

Children are the most precious gift for humankind. It is our responsibility to guide and empower them towards their biggest potential, especially those children who live in disadvantaged communities where access to art and culture is not always available. 

When did you first know you were going to be an artist?

Growing up, I felt I had one call only: to become an attorney just like my mom and dad. However, deep within myself I always realized I had a thirst and hunger to express myself through an artistic lens. Thus, throughout law school and through my practice as an attorney, I always looked for ways to learn and cultivate my artistic self.

Isis Avila 

Grande Love

canvas mixed media

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Castle Hill, Bronx

Making Musical Instruments at PS 69X

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