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Topsy Turvy Slides



Topsy Turvy Slides

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Open Studio at Pier 57 turned upside down and inside out as artists created artworks inspired by Melbourne-based artist Kevin Chin, whose shimmering dreamscapes connect distant lands to an exaggerated reality.

Artists examined Chin's Tunnel Vision painting and discussed the difference between traditional and non-traditional landscape paintings. They loved turning their heads upside down to see what Chin’s painting looked like from an alternate point of view.

Kevin Chin, Tunnel Vision, 2022

Next, students were encouraged to think of their favorite place, such as a park or playground, and render it "upside down."

One artist drew a twisting slide that started in the grass went up to the sky. He explained that ihs painting depicted the opposite of what slides are, and even mentioned that his slide can lead anywhere!

Open Studio at Pier 57 continues every Monday and Thursday from 3-5 PM – always free. Click here to register for an upcoming session.


Castle Hill, Bronx

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