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"Art is about chewing on the question for as long as possible."



"Art is about chewing on the question for as long as possible."

Artist Adam Sultan on drawing leopards as a child and making art as a superpower.

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Great artists make artists. And to prove that point, over 70 of today's greatest have contributed their work in support of Children's Museum of the Arts' Emergency Arts Education Fund, establishing utterly ambitious art programs in New York City schools that need them most.

Bidding for the online auction concludes Thursday, October 19 at 12 PM EDT. Bid now. Bid often. Bid here.

Below, meet auction artist Adam Sultan.

Adam's son working on a painting

Do you have a favorite memory of making art as a child? 

In third or fourth grade I had to write a book report about leopards. I drew a leopard on the cover using colored pencils that I still remember. I got completely sucked in while I was making it. It may have been the first real art I made.

What advice would you give to young artists who wish to pursue an art practice? 

Don't waste any time making work you don't like, or making things you think you "should be" making. The world has enough of that. Don't be afraid of your work looking like nothing or looking like everyone else's. It never does for long.

How does working with children inspire you? 

It's a cliche, but kids are the best artists! Children never stop playing, and play is the best way to chew on a question without rushing to the answer too quickly. Art is about chewing on the question for as long as possible.

When did you first know you were going to be an artist?

At a young age, when I saw what some of my siblings or cousins could draw. It seemed like a superpower.

Adam Sultan


acrylic on canvas

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