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"Children’s curiosity is something we can never get back as adults."



"Children’s curiosity is something we can never get back as adults."

Artist Linda Lopez on learning to draw from watching PBS and how viewing her college professor's artwork in an exhibition led to her becoming an artist.

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Great artists make artists. And to prove that point, over 70 of today's greatest have contributed their work in support of Children's Museum of the Arts' Emergency Arts Education Fund, establishing utterly ambitious art programs in New York City schools that need them most.

Bidding for the online auction concludes Thursday, October 19 at 12 PM EDT. Bid now. Bid often. Bid here.

Below, meet auction artist Linda Lopez.

Linda’s daughter Oona laying out all of her artwork from the past year

Do you have a favorite memory of making art as a child? 

My favorite memory of making art as a child was watching The Secret City on PBS and learning to draw with Commander Mark. After each lesson, I would ask my mom to mail my drawing to the TV show for a chance to be featured. Now that I am thinking about it, I am not sure my mom ever mailed off my drawings, because there were so many! 

Oona taking throwing lessons with her father, Mathew McConnell, in the studio

What advice would you give to young artists who wish to pursue an art practice? 

Persistence, play, and practice! 

How does working with children inspire you? 

Children’s curiosity is something we can never get back as adults. Their pure unfiltered thoughts and connections are magical. 

When did you first know you were going to be an artist? 

I didn’t realize I would or could be an artist until I was in my early twenties when I took a couple studio art courses as a junior in college. My sculpture professor took us on a gallery and museum field trip to San Francisco. This was my first experience in these spaces and seeing my professor's artwork in an exhibition was transformational. That moment made things so real and inspirational. 

Linda Lopez 

Jade Ombre Dust Furry with Lint 


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