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Bodies in Motion, Angel Hair, and Dollhouses


Artists in Schools

Bodies in Motion, Angel Hair, and Dollhouses

Dispatches from CMA Resident Artist Maria D. Rapicavoli's after school class at Hudson Guild.

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Students were in for a delightful surprise when they visited Greene Naftali to view Steffani Jemison's exhibition, Bound. Not only were they able to experience the exhibition directly, but they also had the privilege of meeting the artist herself, who engaged with the children in person!

The following day, back at Hudson Guild, Maria encouraged the students to push their imaginations to the limit inspired by Jemison's scholarly interest in bodies in motion.

Maria asked the students to imagine themselves flying, and the outcomes were remarkable. Some envisioned themselves with butterfly wings, while others saw themselves as angels.

This sparked a lively discussion, wherein one student insisted that angels were bald. Another student said that angels have black hair, while yet another student chimed in that angels definitely have gray hair!

With time left in their class, children enthusiastically engaged in collaborating on the construction and decoration of a cardboard dollhouse.

The end result was nothing short of spectacular, revealing their creative and collaborative spirit.

Maria's work at Hudson Guild is supported by the Emergency Arts Education Fund, which provides free arts education to NYC school communities whose art programs have been decimated by recent budget cuts.

Children’s Museum of the Arts’ three Residents Artists are currently implementing ambitious arts curriculum at each of our partner sites throughout New York City: Hudson Guild in Chelsea, Sid Miller Academy in Crown Heights, and Children’s Workshop School in the East Village. Come spring, our residents will showcase their students' work through exhibitions and installations across the city. Learn how you can support the work of our residents here.

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