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Exploring Family Memories Through Collage



Exploring Family Memories Through Collage

Students from PS 33M visited Kasmin Gallery for a collage-making session inspired by Tina Barney's exhibition.

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First graders from PS 33M Chelsea Prep joined CMA’s Artists in Residence for a behind-the-scenes tour of acclaimed American photographer Tina Barney‘s new exhibition The Beginning at nearby Kasmin Gallery.

Recently rediscovered during the pandemic, The Beginning brings together Barney’s earliest photographic works — long-forgotten images that reanimated her memories of life as a young artist.

For homework, students brought in copies of family photographs from home. Like the works of Tina Barney, kids’ family photographs depicted fond memories such as vacations, celebrations, and of course, pets.

Students collaged their family photographs with art magazines, construction paper, and felt to create new artworks that showed family memories in a whole new light.

During group reflection at the end of the session, students named feelings of excitement, happiness, and nervousness as they discussed how the project made them feel.

In the words of one young artist,

“I appreciate that everyone is amazing and they are all nice artists.”


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