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Gifts to Feel Good About: Shop Our Holiday Artwork Fundraiser



Gifts to Feel Good About: Shop Our Holiday Artwork Fundraiser

Shop CMA's end-of-year artwork sale and raise essential funds for free arts education in NYC schools.

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Melanie Delach

On the other side of this, 2022

mixed media on panel

22 H x 17 W x 1.5 D (in)

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Robert Buck

Second Hand ("Humpty Dumpty Circus"), 2022

ink and graphite on secondhand drawing

8 7/8 H x 19 W (in)

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Pajtim Osmanaj

Metamorphic Memories 3, 2021

hydrocal and acrylic

17.5 H x 15.5 W x 2.5 D (in)

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Maya Mason

Golden Hour, 2020

oil on canvas

24 H x 24 W x 4 D (in)

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Lisa Beck

InnerSpace I, 2023

acrylic and oil paint on 2 joined wood panels

7 H x 10 W x 0.75 D (in)

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Marcy Hermansader

Milkweed, 2014

color pencil, pastel, gouache and ink on paper

22.5 H x 16 W x 1.5 D (in)

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JJ Manford

Frank Gehry Interior, Venice Beach, with Suzani Elephant, 2023

oil stick, oil pastel, and Flashe on burlap over canvas

50 H x 60 W x 1.5 D (in)

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Liana Finck

Mine, 2023

letterpress print

8.5 x 11 (in)

Printed by Archie's Press NYC

Edition of 100

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Jessica Dickinson

with: now 1 (a wholeness / that once was / a place / that used / to be complete / cannot / fit there / anymore / it’s gone / behind / yet fragments / remain), 2019

colored pencil on paper with linen tape

14 H x 18 3/4 W (in)

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Emilie Louise Gossiaux

Atomic Tangerine Garden, 2018

ballpoint pen and crayon on paper

17.5 H x 23 W x 1 D (in)

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Emily Mae Smith

Raft on Siren Sea (Day), 2022

four color screenprint on Pescia 300gsm paper

24 H x 18 W (in)

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Jeffrey Milstein

Universal Studios Orlando Seuss Landing, 2019

archival inkjet print

30 H x 40 W (in)

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Don Dudley

#230, 2021

india inks, acrylic, colored pencil on paper

24 3/16 H x 31 3/4 W x 2 D (in)

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Christopher Daharsh

Dawn Visitation, 2023

oil on linen over panel

23 H x 18 W x 1.25 D (in)

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Ann-Marie James

Musee Imaginaire Plate 88, 2021

acrylic and ink on paper

8.7 H x 6.9 W (in)

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Alex Kwartler

Eclipse (black), 2022

oil on linen

12 H x 12 W x 0.75 D (in)

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Ben K. Voss

Rosa, 2023

water-based paint and pencil on canvas stretched over wood

9 H x 12 W x .75 D (in)

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Christina Van der Merwe

Untitled, 2022-2023

oil, sand, crayons on canvas

66 H x 68 W x 1.5 D (in)

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David Bender

Edge of the Meadow, 2022

wood, clay, paint

15.5 H x 15.5 W x 1 D (in)

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Jennefer Hoffman

growing, 2020

light stoneware and brown stoneware with slip

15 H x 10 W x 10 D (in)

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