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Next-Gen Art: From Sneaker Design to Digitally Augmented Artworks



Next-Gen Art: From Sneaker Design to Digitally Augmented Artworks

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From a digitally-augmented mermaid beach to Nevada-themed sneakers, Open Studio at Pier 57 enjoyed the company of guest collaborators who challenged our young artists to experiment with new technology and non-traditional art mediums. 

On Monday, guest artist Elise Swopes of Superchief Gallery NFT showed kids how to transform their 2D drawings into multi-dimensional backdrops using digital augmentation software Urban Jungle. The best part? Each kid got to present their artwork on the big screen and share their fantasy worlds with others. 

Later in the week, educators from creative academy NRS CustomX led teens in a sneaker design workshop using GREATS shoes. The excitement was palpable as kids created a functional work of art that they could take home and wear. 

One student started off the session feeling nervous that he wasn’t creative enough. By the end of the class, he was thrilled to report:

“I’m going to get a glass box for these sneakers and hang them in my room."  


Crown Heights, Brooklyn

End of Year Celebration at P396K Sid Miller Academy

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