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Noormah's Reflections: December


Artists in Schools

Noormah's Reflections: December

CMA Resident Artist Noormah Jamal on her December projects at Children's Workshop School.

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This month, students embarked on their final 2D design lessons. We focused on building narratives and took inspiration from artists including Kara Walker, Hannah Hoch, Rashid Rana, Studio Ghibli, Damien Hirst, and Yayoi Kusama.

I was impressed with their narrative drawings using silhouettes, reminiscent of the works of Kara Walker. 

They also made their first collage artworks as well, and dove into pattern-making by following a grid layout. 

After creating holiday cards, we wrapped things up for the year with movie poster design! 

There are some assignments where I wish there was another version of me. I wish I could spend more time helping brainstorm with each child individually. Still, my students surprise me each week. There has never been an assignment where I haven't been impressed by their skill set or imagination. 

I'm also trying to balance the class as a whole. I have a few students that tend to rush through their assignments. while others like to take their time (and could actually use more time!) I always give the students who finish early extra sheets for free drawing, but am hoping that eventually they invest a little more time in their works.

A student of mine took me to his locker to show me a portrait drawing that he made of his uncle. The student speaks little English and we often communicate through a device because of the language barrier. I try to form relationships built on trust with all my students, but because I am dependent on a device to communicate with some of them, I worry that they feel that I am not approachable enough. I was incredibly moved when he shared his work with me.

Noormah’s work at Children’s Workshop School is supported by the Emergency Arts Education Fund, which provides free arts education to NYC school communities whose art programs have been decimated by recent budget cuts.

Children’s Museum of the Arts’ three Residents Artists are currently implementing ambitious arts curriculum at each of our partner sites throughout New York City: Hudson Guild in Chelsea, Sid Miller Academy in Crown Heights, and Children’s Workshop School in the East Village. Come spring, our residents will showcase their students' work through exhibitions and installations across the city. Learn how you can support the work of our residents here.

Crown Heights, Brooklyn

End of Year Celebration at P396K Sid Miller Academy

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