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Fun Facts

5 Facts About Crickets

Are we connected to our food in a meaningful way, or are we simply raising food in order not to starve? "Love Crickets, Save the Planet" is a live cricket farm installation from artists Jude Tallichet and Adam Chad Brody on view in CMA’s Bridge. By posing the question “what is a home?” this installation considers how we might invite bugs into our homes as friends instead of foes, fostering a new understanding of how our food factors into a larger system.

Learn six fun facts about crickets below!

1. Crickets can leap as far as two feet.

2. Cricks have more protein than beef or salmon.

3. Male crickets sing songs with their wings.

4. Crickets use much less land, water, and food than other animals.

5. Crickets search for food with their long antennae.

6. They taste yummy and can be prepared in many different ways!


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