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Fun Facts

6 Facts About Flubber (Plus a Recipe to Make Your Own)

Calling all flubber lubbers! Longtime patrons of CMA know that flubber is one of our most popular activities. Children and adults are equally mesmerized by the ooey, stretchy, and colorful goo. Below, learn six fun facts about flubber and follow along with the recipe to make your own.

1. Several world records involve flubber. A twelve-year-old holds the Guiness World Record for making the biggest flubber in the world — it weighed six tons. A ten-year-old holds the record for the stretchiest flubber, which stretched to 7 feet 4 inches in 30 seconds.

2. Adding shaving cream will make flubber extra puffy and fluffy.

3. Flubber was invented in 1976 by toy company Mattel. The first color was green.

4. Flubber is classified as a Non-Newtonian fluid, which means it is neither solid nor liquid. Other toys such as playdough and silly putty also fall into this category.

5. The ooey gooey consistency is created by the combination of Borax and glue, which forms a polymer (when several small molecules are formed into one large molecule).

6. Be careful! Flubber can be dissolved by adding vinegar.

— 2 cups of school glue
— 3 cups of water
— 2 tablespoons of Borax (non-toxic cleaning agent)
— liquid watercolor paint or food coloring

1. Mix glue and water until smooth
2. Add paint or food coloring and stir (have fun!)
3. Dissolve 2 tablespoons of Borax in about 1/3 of hot water
4. Pour Borax solutions into glue-water mixture in circular motion
5. Mix with hands in circular motion until Flubber forms and water is mostly absorbed
6. Store in airtight container for longevity


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