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Depth of Space with Value

Draw a cone and a sphere by using pencils and sanguine pastels


Depth of Space with Value

Depth of Space with Value: draw a sphere and cone using different tools (graphite, sanguine pastels, blending stumps, kneaded erasers); introduce the basics of shade and light.

Learning Objectives

Learn the notion of depth of space with value: how to create value by pressure scale and how to create shade using blending stumps.

Learn to use new tools like sanguine, blending stumps, and kneaded erasers. Familiarize with different pencil hardness to create value

Understand lights and shades and depth of space and compare the result if using different tools like pencils or sanguine pastels

Principles & Elements of Art

Elements Covered in this Lesson

Value, Shape, Line, Form, Color, Depth of Space, Pressure Scale, Blending

Principles Covered in this Lesson

Contrast, Balance, Unity

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