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Exploration of Graphite & Erasers:

Line, Sound, Rhythm, Texture, Shape.


Exploration of Graphite & Erasers:

In this Lesson students ages 8 to 10 will collaboratively focus on exploring non-objective mark making techniques using varying hardnesses of graphite and erasers on a 10’ x 4’ roll of white paper.
We will then listen to 5 different instrumental songs, drawing to the music, rendering our interpretation of its sounds and rhythms through line. We will intentionally use all of the sides of our drawing and erasing tools.

Using Graphite to explore the elements and principles of art

Learning Objectives

Students will work cooperatively learn about Line, Value, Shape, Form, Space, Texture, Rhythm, Unity, Emphasis, Contrast, Balance, Movement, and Composition.

Students will gain facility of how to use various graphite drawing and erasing utensils on drawing paper.

Students will experience sound as inspiration for creating drawings.

Principles & Elements of Art

Elements Covered in this Lesson

Line, Texture, Shape, Value, Form

Principles Covered in this Lesson

Balance, Rhythm, Unity, Movement, Emphasis, Contrast

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