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Perspective drawing

Introduction to Point 1 Perspective


Perspective drawing

Depth of Space with Perspective: introduction to Point 1 Perspective. Origin of perspective. Learn perspective vocabulary (horizon line, vanishing point, point of view, etc.)

Brunelleschi experimenting perspective

Learning Objectives

What is perspective and what is use for? Origin of perspective and how it is applied to artistic production by looking at Brunelleschi, Van Gogh, and Henry Taylor paintings.

Perspective vocabulary: horizon line, vanishing point, point of view, vertical and horizontal perspective

Better understanding of space and how to represent it. Explore the notion of proportion and point of view and develop observation skills

To draw a horizon line and mark a vanishing point. Draw cubes that will converge on the vanishing point previously drew

Principles & Elements of Art

Elements Covered in this Lesson

Line, Depth of Space

Principles Covered in this Lesson

Balance, proportion

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