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Speed Self-Portrait

Make a speed self-portrait with curves and straight lines using charcoal, sanguine pastels, and blending stumps.


Speed Self-Portrait

Speed Self-portraits: Exploring the use of curves and straight lines by using charcoal, sanguine pastels, and blending stumps. Introduction to charcoal pastels and tips on using them properly.

Charcoal speed self-portrait

Learning Objectives

Learn about the use of charcoal and sanguine in art history, starting from Prehistorical graffiti. Experiment with charcoal and sanguine pastels.

Explore speed freestyle mark-making techniques using freehand drawing to depict facial elements

Learn how to use lines to create shapes that are recognizable but not necessarily realistic and explore the difference between freehand curve drawing and straight-line drawings

Learn about self-representation and communication development by naming their facial features and depicting their mood the moment they self-present themselves.

Principles & Elements of Art

Elements Covered in this Lesson

Shape, Line, Value, Form, Blending, Color

Principles Covered in this Lesson

Movement, Unity, Contrast, Balance

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