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6 Fun Facts About Hudson Square

Did you know that our neighborhood was home to a 9-story candy factory?

It’s the season of love and we couldn’t think of a better person to celebrate it with than … you! We’re teaming up with Hudson Square Business Improvement District to share the love for our New York City community with families near and far. All week long, participate in Valentine-inspired art projects to show affection for the friends, coworkers, neighbors, educators, and pets that bring joy to our lives.

Get inspired with these six fun facts about our beloved NYC neighborhood, Hudson Square.

1. 315 Hudson Street used to be a 9-story candy factory. The most famous candy created within its wall was Jujyfruits, created in 1920. The building’s latest occupant? Google.

2. A mansion called Richmond Hill once stood on the corner of Charlton and Varick Streets. It is most notably known as the former home to Aaron Burr, the vice presidential home to John and Abigail Adams, and site of the Richmond Hill Theater. And that’s not all — Richmond Hill served as George Washington’s headquarters when he defended New York City against the British.

3. Spring Street gets its name from a natural well which once flowed through the area.

4. Hudson Square was the former printing district of New York with over 1,000 print shops! By the 1960s, printers began to leave the area due to the decline of printing in the city and increase in rent prices. Coincidentally, Hudson Square is now home to numerous digital news outlets, such as New York Magazine and Gothamist.

5. Hudson Square was home to the first African-American newspaper. In 1827, The Freedom’s Journal provided critical information on current events and contained editorials declaiming slavery and other injustices. The neighborhood also served as a stronghold for the abolitionist movement and was host to many African-American-owned businesses and property.

6. The Holland Tunnel opened for business in 1927 and was dubbed the world’s longest underwater tunnel. In 1927, the toll was 50 cents. In 2022, the toll is $13.75!


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