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22 Questions from Urgent Futures



22 Questions from Urgent Futures

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Over the course of the spring semester, CMA Artist in Residence Miguel Braceli worked with third graders at Children’s Workshop School in the East Village to generate questions based on current issues, encouraging kids to be acutely curious about the world surrounding them. Check them out below!

When will doctors come up with a cure for many sicknesses?

Why is climate change happening so fast?

How many trees are there in the whole universe?

How does climate change affect the glaciers?

How many planets have we not discovered?

When is climate change going to finish?

How many multiverses are there?

How many fives have people wrote ever?

How are people going to stop things like the sky turning orange?

Who am I?

Who made the fire?

Do people litter because they are too lazy to find a trash can?

Can you go through a Milky Way and be in another universe?

Why do people do more climate change when they already know it's a bad thing?

How was the earth made?

Why do people not believe in climate change?

When will it end?

How can we protect the trees while they're not burned?

Do people just not want to solve the problem or what?

Did the people in Canada learn from the wildfire?

Why are certain colors the way that they are? For instance, why is purple purple?

How can we change climate change and save our earth?


Noormah Jamal at Children's Workshop School

Directional Coloring

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