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End of Year Celebration at P396K Sid Miller Academy


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End of Year Celebration at P396K Sid Miller Academy

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Last week marked a very special occasion for Niousha Kiarashi's class at P396K Sid Miller Academy — a parent workshop and certificate celebration!

Caregivers were invited to participate in Niousha's class and learn how to how make art with their children at home.

Students had the option between two of their favorite art projects — puppet making or air dry clay.

One student made a very realistic pizza and put it in the classroom closet to "keep warm."

High fives and ear-to-ear smile s abounded as Niousha handed out certificates of completion at the end of class.

We are so proud of our students and paraprofessionals who made it such an incredible year!

Niousha's work at P396K Sid Miller Academy is supported by the Emergency Arts Education Fund, which provides free arts education to NYC school communities whose art programs have been decimated by recent budget cuts.

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