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Friendly Fish, Lion Dancing, and Dumpling Demonstrations



Friendly Fish, Lion Dancing, and Dumpling Demonstrations

Dispatches from Lunar New Year artmaking celebration at Pier 57.

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Children astounded us with their creativity as they crafted découpaged paper lanterns during Pier 57’s Lunar New Year celebration last Sunday!

It was a true delight to watch children develop ideas and problem solve with adults as they created their own lantern designs, including a friendly fish complete with a tissue paper tail.

One young artist worked with her father to create lanterns that matched theme of where she wanted to hang it. For the lantern by the window, she added tissue paper to represent nature and plants.

Older children especially enjoyed the sense of independence and creative ownership as they experimented with different methods of attaching the dowel and string to their lantern.

Other highlights from the afternoon included food demonstrations by Nom Wah and Local Roots and lion dancing by New York Choy Lay Fut.

CMA Artist Instructor Miriam reflected:

"None of the children got 'stuck' on an idea; they all jumped right into it and created really unique and cool lantern designs. I was constantly surprised at how quickly they came up with their lantern ideas and executed them so nicely in such a short amount of time. They were all eager and excited about this project, and it shows!"


Noormah Jamal at Children's Workshop School

Directional Coloring

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