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Top 15 Artworks from Open Studio



Top 15 Artworks from Open Studio

Join us in celebrating our 100th Open Studio class with 15 of our favorite art projects from the past year.

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Did you know this month marks our one-hundredth Open Studio class at Pier 57?

That equals 300 hours of art instruction for over 2,000 children and families — all 100% free

Check out some of our favorite projects below!

1. bejeweled kitty cat paper bag puppet

2. more paper bag puppets, this time with feathers!

3. modeling clay apple tree with a nesting bird

4. hanging volcano playground!

5. modeling clay beverage with a red straw

6. multimedia self portrait collage

7. a very leggy giraffe!

8. candy-colored xylophone

9. tiny teacher's desk — with the teacher!

10. rainbow house

11. felt cameras

12. we love when dads get involved too!

13. red felt booties

14. extra spooky Halloween mobile

15. colorful redesign of Chelsea Waterside Playground

If you’ve enjoyed our programming to support the creation of ambitious children’s art, consider making a donation.


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