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Visiting The High Line with Hudson Guild


Artists in Schools

Visiting The High Line with Hudson Guild

CMA Resident Artist Maria D. Rapicavoli visited the High Line with her fourth and fifth graders from Hudson Guild.

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We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! A huge thank you to the High Line staff and to our docent Ina for an inspiring tour of the crown jewel of Manhattan’s west side.

Even though our students at Hudson Guild live mere minutes away from the High Line, many did not know the park existed, or that it was free to enter and see the artwork.

During the tour, students stopped to look at Karen DavisCurtain Call and admire the monumentality of the ballerina sculpture.

The High Line’s numerous sitting areas prompted our students to think of the park as a giant stage!

Who doesn’t love the limitless potential of the 14th Street Passage?

Field trips like this one remind us why the work we do is so special. Showing students that world-class art exists in their very own backyard (for free!) — it doesn’t get any better than that.

Maria's work at Hudson Guild is supported by the Emergency Arts Education Fund, which provides free arts education to NYC school communities whose art programs have been decimated by recent budget cuts.

Children’s Museum of the Arts’ three Residents Artists are currently implementing ambitious arts curriculum at each of our partner sites throughout New York City: Hudson Guild in Chelsea, Sid Miller Academy in Crown Heights, and Children’s Workshop School in the East Village. Come spring, our residents will showcase their students' work through exhibitions and installations across the city. Learn how you can support the work of our residents here.


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