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When Life Gives Us Lemons, We Make Art



When Life Gives Us Lemons, We Make Art

We turned Chelsea Factory into a day-long sculpture studio.

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This past weekend, we welcomed over 200 young artists to Chelsea Factory to create art according to the deceptively simple program of renowned abstract expressionist painter Jasper Johns — 

Take an object (in our case, a plastic lemon)

Do something to it (use clay to create an entirely new object)

Do something else to it (make a drawing of your new sculpture)

We were especially excited to welcome kids from Hudson Guild‘s K-12 after school program!

The fruits of the young artists’ labor will form the basis of The Lemonade Stand, a fundraiser exhibition at NADA New York (May 18-21, 2023) where kids will offer their artwork in exchange for donations bringing experimental arts education to schools all across NYC.

Kids helping other kids get the art education they deserve. It’s that simple.


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